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Below Zero Metaphysical

Tarot or Oracle Readings by Zero

Tarot or Oracle Readings by Zero

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Zero and I will be doing personal tarot and/or oracle card readings for any questions you may have! The space is cleansed prior with incense :) and once we get going on the reading Zero will pick the cards! This reading will be a pre-recorded video, or email, since cats sometimes don’t cooperate with us! I will contact you via email after purchase to confirm your questions and choice of video or email! Please allow 2-3 business days if you chose pre-recorded video. Please understand I do not accept questions surrounding death or illness.
Please also note the questions asked are subject to change, i.e. if something else is needing attention when the reading is in session. However your requested question will be of course, priority.

Oracle Readings: Oracle readings are general, and are straight to the point. An over all reading rather than the bits and pieces. 

Tarot Readings: Tarot readings are more of the puzzle pieces individually. More bits and pieces.

Disclaimer: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Tarot readings are not permanent. They always change. They may apply to your current situation and could change tomorrow. Only take what resonates and leave what doesn’t ❤️ 

Please note I am not a medical, mental, energy healing or any sort of professional. This is a spiritual practice of mine. This is not medical, professional, or life advice. Please purchase mindfully. 

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